Little Lovely Layla

by Roses & Whiskey

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Roses and Whiskey's debut album, "Little Lovely Layla", is about a girl who offers to go out and get beer for a party and ends up meeting an alluring gentleman who takes her on a journey of a lifetime! It's a story about finding opportunity in the moment and seeing where life takes you when you chose to do the unexpected - for good and bad.


released March 14, 2014

Recorded & Mixed by T.J. Eilers
Mastered by Jason Foster
Produced & Written by: Ambur Rose Normand and Lucinda M. Bedell
Vocals & Guitar: Ambur Rose
Vocals: LuciBe
Recorded at 7th Street Studios in Southern Oregon, 2014
Album Art by Ambur Rose



all rights reserved


Roses & Whiskey Grants Pass, Oregon

Roses & Whiskey started between Ambur Rose and LuciBe over drunken lullabies and triple distilled whiskey on the rocks. The music they sing is a range of sweet melodies laced with soul, harmony, and just a little bit of sarcasm. Inspired by folk, jazz, country, Hip Hop and R&B - Roses & Whiskey mixes these genres like a good Manhattan. ... more

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Track Name: Once Upon A Time
Once upon a time - there was a crowd - a crowd of people
Making a movement - toward a cause - a cause of their own
own fulfillment
They let go - of their inhibitions
They let go - of their inhibitions
Because they've lost - lost their minds.

Out that night - the stars were aligned
Should they take it? Take it as a sign -
To let go - for no reason or no rhyme
And run-a-muck, and take advantage of the time
To let go - of their inhibitions
They let go - to clear their minds

Because the time - time was right.

Because the time - time was right...
Track Name: Can You See The People
Can you see the people?
Comin' about,
Lookin' for a party
Where they can scream and shout

Everybody was talkin'
About that big purple house
Where the smoke bellows
And rumor is you get soused

Hey! Did you see Whiskey Joe by the beer?

Hey! Booze-hound Bentley in his chair.

And poor Little Layla - chillin' by the stairs
Just wanting somebody - to acknowledge she's there...
Track Name: Gimme Yo Money
"If you give me fifty dollars, I'll go around the corner to get some beer."

Little did they know with fingers crossed behind her -
She wouldn't be back for almost a year...
Track Name: Beer Run (explicit content)
La dee dee dee - la dah dah dee


She went downtown
To get some beer
She should have returned by now
She went downtown
To get some beer
We never saw her again
Never saw her again...

Where did she go? (x4)
Somebody knows... (x4)

It was a man on Bourbon Street
Talking bitter sweet
Staring into her eyes
Parading her with a smile...

"Let's go down - down this street,"
He said mysteriously...

She said, "No! I'm busy!"

He said, "Too bad your with me... "

"Where did she go?
Where the fuck is our beer?
We gave her fifty dollars
Trusted her without fear
If there was a problem she'd holler -
Morning is seeming near...
This is taking forever!
She's not back nor is our beer!"

Where did she go?
Where the fuck is she?
Where did she go? (x2)
Somebody knows...
Track Name: Handsome Stranger
"Hey, handsome stranger
Tell me your name
Someone gave me fifty dollars
Who are they to blame?
Pretend I was no one
And walk by me again..
I'll take this fifty dollars
and let the fun begin."

He took her hand as they slipped through a door...
They passed by some ravers they'd never seen before.
The lasers were flashin'
They almost lost their sight...
He pulled her in close and said to her,
"Dear, It's gonna be a hell of a night!"

They left the party and sailed the seas
They took a boat around the world and did what they pleased.
He showered her with presents and lots of kisses too..
They ended up in Cuba...
What's a girl to do?

" Hey, handsome stranger
Where the hell am I?
You say you leave tomorrow
With a new girl by your side...
I thought we were in love,
But I guess I had you wrong!
And now I'm stuck in Cuba
With a fifty spot and a song..."
Track Name: Little Lovely Layla/Dream Track
- Little Lovely Layla -

She's stuck in Cuba - With
Nothing to do..
Fifty dollars got her some beer and a room
She met some people with
Good looks and a smile
Hoping that she'd be friends
And stay for a while...

She was stuck with nothing to do
Poor little Layla, Poor little Layla...
Sorry girl, no fun for you
Little lovely Layla, Little lovely Layla.

" I'm stuck in Cuba - With
Nothin' to do..
Fifty dollars lasted a day or two.
I wanna meet some people with
Money to spare,
So I can get the hell away from here! "

She was stuck with nothing to do
Poor little Layla, Poor little Layla...
Sorry girl, no fun for you
Little lovely Layla, Little lovely Layla.

She met some shady people
Who led her astray...
They said, " We gotta boat, so come this way. "
She had a bad feelin'
So she ran away...

" I ran so fast I almost expired
I saw a plane to by - and
Thought to get higher...
A little voice told me to go
Over there!
Now's your chance to get away from here! "

" I found an airplane! "

She's on her way home with so much to do!
Happy little Layla, Lovely little Layla

" I'm on my way with nothing to lose..."
Happy little Layla, Little lovely Layla.

- Dream Track -

Back in town, on the ground
She's goin' where she should
She's on her way...
On her way.
Track Name: The Big Purple House
Only with five dollars
and feelin' of luck
She bought a lotto ticket
with a couple of bucks...

" I'm feelin' kinda lucky
Playin' this game..
and man I got a feelin'...
That I'll never be the same "

She won big money!
and as she walked through the door...
She saw a flier
of where she's partied before...

" This looks familiar
with this big purple house...
and last I remember
There's people waiting to get soused! "

Let's go to the party (x2)

" I've traveled far
but for now I'm here...
The time is now
I got the beer "

" It's been a while,
but I still care
Let's keep this party goin'
until we run out of beer. "